About us

We are committed to providing safe entertainment!


Happy Center was set up in the early '90s, thanks to the desire of a group of entrepreneurs who strongly wanted to create a leading company in the field of entertainment services for children in shopping malls.


Through our passion, our intuition and our strong personal engagement, we managed to create a company based on the modern principles of business management without leaving innovation behind.


Our company has been the first to introduce into shopping malls wooden game boards with grip mats, playgrounds with scenery, and areas exclusively dedicated to children and their families.


To date, we can proudly say that Happy Center is Italy’s leading company in its field, with over 230 shopping malls served all over Italy.


Happy Center has been a UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 certified company since 2000.


In the course of time, department stores have evolved from shopping places into places where people spend their spare time, and so their importance has grown not only from a business but also from a social point of view. Guaranteeing the highest safety standards for the end customers and the shopping malls is of critical importance.


For these reasons, we are committed to using only certified and rigorously tested materials, designing solutions that prioritize all aspects of safety, and testing our products to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards.


Safety and fun for children, relax with no worries for parents: give more value to your shopping mall with Happy Center!